December 12, 2012

Who has been your teacher this year - officially or unofficially?

Dr. H. 
People are so fascinating. Focus on what you're passionate about. Circumstances are more flexible than you may realize. Dancing or watching someone dance before a test relieves stress (and improves tests scores). Mornings are worth it. Everything will be okay. 


Don't tell a child that God loves them until you are ready to love them. Voice matching is a valuable tool. Life is precious, unique, and beautiful - be excited about that all the time! I love mornings. Each week of camp is a glimpse into the Kingdom of God. Theme days are the best days. Bedtime stories are the best way to fall asleep at night. Childhood handshakes aren't dead.


Almost everything is better together. Shouting doesn't mean we're really angry. Life lived together is absolutely hilarious. My Virginia is clearly visible in this foreign land. I really love making curry. Rose Tyler will grow on you. Couches aren't worth moving, unless you find life hilarious. Then it's absolutely worth it.


Inspiration to do this series came from Dana. You can find the whole 2012 Examen Blog Prompt list here

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