December 14, 2012

What rocked your world, changed your life, shifted the ground beneath your feet?

For a couple of hours, there was nothing beneath my feet apart from the metal and plastic layers of an airplane separating me from the sky, as I flew 710 miles from Dulles to O'Hare this past August. 

My whole world has shifted this year. I graduated from college. I've started BVS. I've closed one chapter and opened another. My time is spent planning for an amazing summer of service, instead of plowing through a Sociology paper or pouring over a textbook about Community. I'm in a new place with (mostly) new faces and a whole new routine. I'm learning how to navigate the post-college (volunteer year) young adult world and it's all new territory for me! My life is shifting and changing around me - taking new forms in new seasons. I feel that the ground beneath my feet will be shifting sands for a couple of years and I'm trying to come to terms with that.


Inspiration to do this series came from Dana. You can find the whole 2012 Examen Blog Prompt list here

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