December 3, 2012

Where did you visit this year?

For my last semester of college, I decided to do an independent study on intentional communities. Part of my research was reading up on intentional communities and another part was visiting them in the flesh! I chose four communities that weren't too far from college and took a couple road-trips to go see them.

Intentional Community: a relatively small group of people who have created a whole way of life for the attainment of a certain set of goals. Some examples include, communes, cohousing, monasteries, and ecovillages.

The communities I visited...
...were committed to service, grounded in Christ, faithful stewards of the Earth, based in Appalachia, and who welcome everyone home each day.
...had celebrated 45 years together, shared clothes and ideas, created hammocks and tofu, danced and celebrated after work is done.
....were discerning their next steps, committed to living in Christ, passionate servants of Jesus, rooted in monastic rhythms, and practice hospitality.
...were wrestling with questions together, finding their friends next doors, watching movies on the lawn, sharing lawnmowers and celebrating together. 

This paper took me on figurative and literal journeys through intentional communities past and present. This project sprouted from my desire to live intentionally with others after I graduated from college. Luckily, I have the opportunity to live in an intentional community (now!). I'm digging it now and hope to live intentionally for quite awhile. 

I've uploaded a PDF of my paper. You can read it here


Inspiration to do this series came from Dana. You can find the whole 2012 Examen Blog Prompt list here

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  1. Oh, I am definitely saving your paper link to read later. I visited a couple of communities when we were in the beginning stages of BVS community houses a few years ago - Koinonia Farm in Georgia was GREAT - and even though living in BVS community was one of the hardest things I've done, I would totally do it again...with a few caveats. Glad you're doing the blogathon, yo!