December 2, 2012

When were you most grateful?

I feel waves of gratitude wash over me when I think about…

My family. Their support, their love, their signatures on a Thanksgiving card I received because I missed my first family Thanksgiving, kisses on the cheek, great hugs, lawn chairs at track meets, encouraging words, and the most giving human beings I have ever met.

My college roommate Danielle. I miss this girl. She made my last two years of college hilarious and unforgettable. I miss her shenanigans, our dramatic shouting, falling asleep with static on, stressing together, dreaming big, baking, eating sugar coated sugar together, and talking to each other before we fall asleep.

My time at Bridgewater. Time well spent by staying up late, worshiping in the Chapel, flipping bikes, laughing with friends, attending convos, studying abroad, being on IYC and putting on Roundtable, becoming ODAC champion, eating Uncle Bill's pancakes, working with Claudia, meeting the eyes of my BFF for the first time, living in the Soc. Lab, running to Wild Wood, crying in Professor's offices, creating beautiful relationships and getting that diploma!

A summer at Camp Bethel. Making wonderful and encouraging friends, loving campers, chasing pigs, dancing over bridges, singing until I’m hoarse, The Handshake, having bible study under the Big Oak, laughing until I cried, swimming with my clothes on, and practicing faith every single moment. God knows me better than I know myself and I am still mystified at God’s leading despite my own fears and inhibitions.

God is present in the people that I meet, live, worship, and dream with. Everyday I am grateful for that. 


Inspiration to do this series came from Dana. You can find the whole 2012 Examen Blog Prompt list here

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