December 9, 2012

What was your favorite blog post...that you read or wrote?

Well, seeing as I didn't do as much blogging this past year as in years past I present a couple of the blogs I enjoyed reading. I'm skirting around the post issue and suggesting some blogs in their entirety for you to chew on!
I can't rave about this website enough. This is one of the only blogs that I've read consistently throughout the past year. It features a number of Christian authors, including Tony Campolo, Brian McLaren, and Shane Claiborne.

Zero Waste Home
This household is doing WORK. They have a serious commitment to living right with the Earth. Their motto is "Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Rot - (Only in the that order!)" Can you dig it!?

Inspiring, challenging little blog about current events, pop culture, feminism, and race issues. In their own words, "We smash the patriarchy and the gender binary here."

A hip, young, 20-something blogging about her adventures and misadventures as a foster parent in NYC. Inspiring me to be a foster parent since 2010. 

If you haven't seen this. It's never to late too soak in the feminist theory that Gosling is spouting. mmMMmm. 


Inspiration to do this series came from Dana. You can find the whole 2012 Examen Blog Prompt list here

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